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Our BackStory!

How did we get the name Its really simple. Pulp Fiction. One of the greatest movies of all time. For its time, Pulp Fiction was way ahead of the curve. With the advent of the internet, the business model has forever changed. Nowadays you MUST have a website to compete. Not only is a website a must but it must adapt to the new technologies that are presented to you, the business owner. If you do not adapt then you may find your way of the Dinosaur, EXTINCT. Now its not life or death as a business owner as it was with the Dinosaurs survival but it could mean the life of death of your business. Having built websites since 2002, we are all about adaptation. If not we then we might be having this conversation with a Dinosaur! So, where did we get the idea for KetchupConsulting? Watch the video to the left and it all might make sense. Happy Watching and don't get squished by your competition!